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Our mission at Women’s Empowerment University is to equip you with “Power to Become the Ultimate You.”  And it all begins right here, right now, with 90 days to renew your spirit soul and body.

Everything you want to be, do and have begins with who you are – so that’s where you must begin your journey.

“The Ultimate You Begins with Renewal in Spirit, Soul & Body”

The 90-Day Renewal Will Transform You from the Inside-Out

and Catapult You Forward with Focus, Energy & Joy!!!

It’s your time! It’s your year! Can you imagine how you will feel 90 days from now if you can look back and say,

“Wow, I actually did it.   I finally found the support I’ve needed all along.  And what a difference it made.”

I want to see YOU living the life of your dreams. I want to empower YOU to achieve your destiny.  And everything  here at Women’s Empowerment University  is designed to move you closer to the woman God created you to be.

Can I make a confession here?  I’ve been playing favorites.  Maybe I shouldn’t.  But the truth is, of all the books I’ve written (28 and counting), my favorite by far is the book this class is based on, Becoming the Woman I Want To Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body.  In it (and in this class), I’ve packed the lessons of my lifetime.  I know, based on thousands of testimonies from around the world, that this class will, absolutely, positively, change your life.

But only if you take the first step.  Will you?

The 90-Day Renewal is a comprehensive program that addresses your total health and well-being. Although it’s much, much more than a weight loss program, most of you will be happy to hear that the average weight loss on this program is 20-25 pounds! The 90-Day Renewal has transformed countless thousands of lives around the world. Now it’s your turn.

Renew Spirit Soul and Body

This revolutionary program takes you by the hand and leads you, step by step, on a 90-Day Journey to renew your:

Spirit – Experience the power of God in a fresh, life-changing way! Get equipped with practical tools for spiritual growth.

Soul – Get a whole new attitude! Emotional Healing! Start making better choices!

Body – Discover weight loss through gradual, easy-to-make lifestyle changes. Complete diet and exercise program included! The results and testimonies from around the world are truly miraculous. You can read some of them and ask yourself: Is that the kind of change I’ve been praying and longing for? If yes, it’s your time to Renew Spirit Soul and Body…in just 90 Days!

God can change your life from the inside-out. I’m living proof of that. I was chronically sick (even though I read my Bible and truly loved God); depressed (even on anti-depressants); 20 pounds over-weight and filled with despair. Then God gave me the tools that I’m about to share with you.

Don’t Miss Your Moment to Renew Spirit Soul And Body NOW!

Here’s what in store for you, as soon as you secure your spot:

* LIVE Weekly Teaching & Coaching call with Donna Partow. Call in to ask your questions and/or to receive personal counsel and prayer.

* Group Coaching and support via a Private Facebook Group.

* 90 teaching videos – emailed directly to you each day

* Thirteen 60-minute pre-recorded Teleseminars featuring in-depth teaching on how to renew spirit soul and body

* Unlimited replays of Teleseminars at Exclusive Access Page (password protected) for
Renew Spirit Soul and BodyMembers only!

You get all of this for only $197

We’ve put it all together for you. All in one place. All at one price. Just $197!

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I can’t wait to hear your incredible testimony of how God was able to renew YOUR spirit soul and body!

Empowering You,

Donna Partow
Women’s Empowerment University

Donna Partow

P.S. Still undecided? Please hear my heart for YOU in this video:


P.P.S. I’m so certain that God will use this program in your life that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you faithfully follow this program for 90 days and don’t experience dramatic transformation, I will give you your money back. But I know that won’t happen! What are you waiting for? This is your moment to renew spirit soul and body. Don’t waste another day.

Please note the companion book, Becoming the Woman I Want To Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body is NOT included. We strongly encourage you to obtain a copy.

Become the Ultimate You