2014: Your Ultimate Year

Power to Become the Ultimate You.

ultimate year revised 250x300 2014: Your Ultimate YearI’m so glad we found each other today.  If you’re looking for Power to Become the Ultimate YOU in 2014…then you’ve come to the right place.  My passion is equipping women to transform their lives from the inside out. On this site, you’ll discover Power to Become:  Spiritually Strong: Walking day-by-day in the power, presence and principles of God. Physically Fit: Able to wake up each day feeling fabulous; able to put on your favorite outfit, roll up your sleeves and tackle the demands of the day with energy to spare. Financially Free: Making a life, not just a living, doing something you absolutely love–armed only with your passion, your purpose, a laptop and a smartphone?  (Wouldn’t it be neat to live and work anywhere in the world?  That’s my #1 goal right now!) Professionally Polished: Always on the cutting edge of the latest technology tools so you can work less, earn more and most important: help more people! Relationally Rich: Enjoying meaningful communication and connection with family, friends and colleagues.  Understanding others…and feeling understood. Mentally Sharp: Learning and growing, committed to constant personal and professional development. Practically Wise: Able to manage your daily affairs with ease, grace and excellence. If those sound like your highest aspirations, guess what?  You’ve found your home on the internet!

Are You Ready to Make 2014 Your Ultimate Year? Ready to Become the Ultimate You?  

We’re creating an international community.  Each one energized and equipped with Power to Become the Ultimate You.   I invite you to join me and the Tribe on my Facebook Page and in any of our interactive E-classes.  (Check out our Course Catalog to see the variety of online programs we offer.)  Stop by and let me know where you are at on your journey and how we can help you tap into all the power that’s already available to help you become the woman you want to be. To welcome you to our wonderful community, please accept a free gift from my heart to yours.  It’s a 50-page guide that will empower you to make 2014 Your Ultimate Year, starting immediately.  It will give you a good sense of what we’re all about and the kind of resources we provide.  Just click here or fill out the form on the right. Blessings! Donna M.Power-Partow (Yes, Power really is my maiden name.  How awesome is that?  My destiny was written on my birth certificate.  Way to make it obvious, God!) P.S.  Discover which of our Ultimate You Eclasses is right for YOU.

15 thoughts on “2014: Your Ultimate Year”

  1. looking to register for 7 secrets of soaring to the top. please let me know where to go or a link.

  2. Before I sign up, please advise me about the timing because I have a conference I am flying to July 31 through August 5; classes are 9-9,Thursday through Saturday and half day Sunday; so how would that work with this 21 day commitment?

  3. I prayed and God told me to definitely sign up. Thank-you, Donna. I am soooo blessed!

  4. Connie, we begin on July 22nd and continue for 21 consecutive days. All material is recorded and carefully packaged into a comprehensive course workbook that includes all material. You won’t miss a thing!
    And of course, the material is yours for life!

    Come soar with us

  5. I signed up and excited! I’ll need a lot of help because I am not a tech person yet; but see that I will be soon with your help and God’s grace!

  6. what is Asia? I was looking for my pay-pal receipt and a receipt that i am signed up. It isn’t anywhere to be found. i don’t want to miss out! would you please confirm for me. thanks and many blessings to you and your ministry, Connie

  7. Asia is a continent….with a lot of smart people who work very hard for a reasonable price! Your paypal account must be under your husband’s name because he has just registered for Women’s Empowerment University :)

  8. I am reading your book A Woman’s Guide to Personality Types’ and I would like to write my own book about relationships and have been to busy working . But my main concern is that I’m dyslexic. I was hoping you have some advice for me. So I can push my way thru This and accomplish my goal. Thx Samona

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