I Need a Miracle: What To Do Once You’ve Prayed Those Words

When You Pray, “God, I Need a Miracle”
Remember This Story

miracles in cans I Need a Miracle: What To Do Once Youve Prayed Those Words
Naaman needed a miracle.

He was desperate.  Alone and afraid.  Because he had leprosy.  That meant he was not only in physical pain, but emotional pain.  Because his sickness isolated him.  That’s what happens for all of us.  One problem creates another.  Next thing you know, we’re all alone with a pile of pain.

We cry out to God, “I Need a Miracle.”

Then comes the advice.  Some good; some not so good.  Sometimes the best advice comes from an unlikely source.  Naaman’s wife had a servant/slave girl.  A girl who’d been dragged from her home in Israel, no doubt terrified, kicking and screaming, then sold in Syria.

But she didn’t believe her circumstances, which said, “You’re a slave.  You’ve got an accent.  You’re an undocumented worker in a menial job. What could you possibly know?”

She knew what she knew.  She knew how to point someone in the right direction when they said, “I need a miracle.”   She had seen the power of God so she had the courage to speak up.  She told Naaman to go see the prophet Elisha to experience a miracle.  And at the say-so of this no-name girl, an important man set off in search of his miracle. (It’s amazing what we’ll do when we come to that place of desperation–and sometimes, that can be a good thing.)

As Naaman made the journey to Israel, he formulated in his own mind exactly how the miracle would take place: Elisha, a great man of God, would wave his hand over Naaman’s head, call out to God and poof—no more leprosy.  All of his problems solved. He wanted someone else to do something for him.  Someone else to have enough faith on his behalf.  So when Elisha told him to take a step of faith.  To take action–to go wash himself in the Jordan River seven times–Naaman was furious.

He was furious because he didn’t want to be told: “If you want a miracle, do what you can do.  Just take one step of faith!”

Are you praying, right now: “God, I need a miracle?” God is telling you the same thing he said thousands of years ago: Do what you can do…and I’ll take care of what you can’t do.  When Naaman finally found the courage to take the leap, to jump into the water, he came out completely healed.  In fact, the bible says he came out better than he was before.  

God restored, not only his health, but his youth.  (Read 2 Kings 5)

In Naaman’s case, what he could do was “Wash and be cleansed.”  The miracle was found, not in doing the extraordinary but trusting God for enough faith to do something ordinary.  The same is true for many of us.   Miracles come when we obey the basics: like wash and be cleansed.  Like confess and repent.  Like forgive and move on. Like trust and obey.  Like believe.  Only believe.

Watch this video.  And as you do, ask God to show you one small step of faith you can take right now:

becomingthewoman21 I Need a Miracle: What To Do Once Youve Prayed Those WordsI was praying for a miracle back in 1999.  I was thirty pounds overweight, on antidepressants and desperately lonely and afraid.  The answers God gave me turned into a 90-Day program, which has touched the lives of at least 100,000 people around the world. If you need a miracle for your spirit, soul or body, be sure to check the book God gave to me when I cried, “Lord, I need a Miracle”: Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul, & Body I Need a Miracle: What To Do Once Youve Prayed Those Words


What miracle are YOU praying for today?  What step of faith is God asking you to take?

P.S.  The story in the video is true.  The man lived in New Jersey at the time and now serves God in Asia (the last I heard).


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