How God Used Judas to Change My Life

taraneh home How God Used Judas to Change My LifeThere were tears streaming down her little five-year old face.
We were gathered in the prayer room in our cabin in the mountains of Northern Arizona.  I was sitting in my rocking chair, reading aloud from Journey to the Cross by Helen Haidle (a wonderful book, by the way).  My children were seated on the couch, listening attentively.
When we reached the part of the story where Judas betrayed Jesus, … Read More..

Holy Thursday Online Event

 Holy Thursday Online EventHoly Week is such a precious time! As I was praying this morning, preparing my heart for Easter, the Lord impressed it upon my heart to create an online event for Holy Thursday. The vision is for His children from around the world to gather and experience the power of Christ’s resurrection.

Can that happen by phone or computer?


Wherever two or more are gathered in His name, God … Read More..

I Was Absolutely Right!

Once upon a time, I was absolutely right about absolutely everything.  Not coincidentally, I was also chronically sick, tired and taking anti-depressants.  Then one day, while sitting in my prayer chair, telling God how to straighten everyone out,  He interrupted my diatribe to offer me a choice:

“You can be right or you can be well.  Take your pick.”

It’s remarkable how often “being absolutely right about absolutely everything” corresponds … Read More..

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