Stories Worth Telling

One of my battle cries has long been:  “Tell stories worth telling”  So many of us, especially as we age, tell stories that really aren’t worth telling. Stories about all the people who’ve done us wrong.  Stories about all our problems.  Stories about our aches, pains and latest medical diagnosis.

Let’s take up the challenge to only “Tell stories worth telling.”

As the scripture says:
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Becoming A Vessel God Can Use: Just $1.99

Becoming a Vessel God Can Use by Donna Partow | Ladies Bible Study BookWanted to give you a quick heads-up that Amazon is running a crazy special on my #1 bestselling book, Becoming A Vessel God Can Use.

Just $1.99 for the Kindle Edition.

The sale is on now, so be sure to check it out.  This book has been used to launch women worldwide into new assignments and has absolutely transformed women’s ministry programs at churches around the globe.

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Lifestyle Freedom Web Show: Did You Miss It?!?

Lifestyle Freedom 

Last Friday afternoon, as I was heading out of town for a mother-daughter weekend with Taraneh, I sent you information about the Lifestyle Freedom Web Show that aired throughout the weekend.  I realize it was late in the day, so you might have missed it.

Please don’t miss it this time around.

This training was custom-created just for you – and designed to answer your most pressing questions about

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Lifestyle Freedom Web Show

Lifestyle Freedom
About a week ago, I promised to put together some training based on what you told me were your ultimate dreams and greatest frustrations.  I’ve pretty much been working on it full-time ever since.  And it’s finally just about ready!!!You want to figure out how to:
  1. Travel
  2. Get out of debt
  3. Live a life of contribution that’s focused on giving back & making a difference in this world


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Do Not Worry

Do Not Worry

Do Not Worry

As I write these words, my daughter is wrapping up her final day in Zimbabwe.  Looking at beautiful photos of her, I recalled the beautiful words she wrote the last time she was in her beloved Africa and felt led to share them with you.  I know they will bless you:

Do Not Worry

Do not worry about tomorrow

For tomorrow has enough worries of its own

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