Why Not You?

Why Not You?

Once there was a woman With faith as strong as nails, But untoward things did happen And she felt she’d lost her sails. When storms would come blowing, The Shepherd never left her side. She knew He was worth knowing And, eventually, turn the tide. Her faith was shaken harshly. There was a price to pay. Her life lived only partially, In a wobbly … Continue Reading ››

Free Ebook: Healthy Living A-Z

healthy living cover     You'll love this absolutely beautiful, fully-illustrated eBook filled with practical, easy-to-implement ideas. Just 1 idea - put into action --could dramatically change your life for the better.​
From D for Dancing around your Kitchen to my top-secret (until now) 7-9-10 Strategy for better sleep and effortless … Continue Reading ››

Spiritual Power Outage: 7 Sure Signs that You Need to Plug into God’s Power

7 Sure Signs of a Spiritual Power Outage 

spiritual power1.  You Say "Yes"....but Then Live "No." Do you sing one thing on Sunday, but experience something completely different Monday through Saturday? Do you say, "Yes, Lord, I want to change, I want to live for you"…but … Continue Reading ››

Become the Ultimate You

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