What Do You REALLY Want?

What do you want copy What Do You REALLY Want?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Ever sat down and wondered:  Why am I doing what I’m doing…and is there something more?

I’ll never forget driving down the road the first time I heard the Switchfoot song, “This is your life.”   The question booming over the airwaves hit me with such power, I was overcome with emotion and had to pull over into a parking lot:

This is

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Facebook Clicks Likes & Shares: Should You Ask?

Does asking for Facebook Clicks still work?

 Facebook Clicks Likes & Shares: Should You Ask?

Should you ask people to click “Like” and “Share” on your social media posts?  Research indicates that this does work — it does increase the number of Clicks, Likes and Shares.


Facebook has changed the rules of the game.  According to MarketingPros.com,  Facebook’s latest News Feed algorithm change penalizes Pages that engage in “feed spam behavior,” which is defined by Facebook Read More..


Hashtags on Facebook: Do They Work?

To Hashtag or Not to Hashtag on Facebook

Very few people are using hashtags on Facebook….but does that mean they’re not working?  According to the latest research, hashtags work:

  • 83.9% of the posts examined did not contain any hashtags.
  • Among posts that included hashtags, the majority had only a single hashtag, accounting for 11.6% of all posts.
  • Posts that included hashtags had more interactions on average than those that did
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Vision: God Wants To Give You Renewed Energy to Run with the Vision

run with it Vision: God Wants To Give You Renewed Energy to Run with the Vision

“This is your life….are you who you want to be?”

When I first heard those words come over the airwaves, in Switchfoot’s distinctive style, it took my breath away.  In today’s crazy mixed-up world, everyone is so focused on what we have to do, we forget that it’s really all about who we need to BE.

I encourage you to spend some time with the Lord, asking Him … Read More..

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